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March 17, 2008

From the ashes of the trailblazing power combo (well, power trio, then power combo) Chester Drawers, Atomic Drawers has risen. 

We had a good night at Lincoln’s last Wednesday; we can only assume that one of the other acts participating that night sent us the Jack Daniels shots in hopes that we’d bomb and make them look better.  I can’t really remember if we were better than them or not…

There’s nothing like being halfway into your first song and having a giant stand-up bass come crashing down in front of the stage.  It made quite the sound–had it been a little bit sooner, the crash would have been perfect for the beginning of the chorus of “Whiskey Bottle,” the song we were muddling through at the time.  People were running to and fro trying to pick up the bass and do what they could.  It was like they were activists trying to save a beached whale.  We just played on through. 

I didn’t knock over the bass.  It was close to me, but I didn’t knock it over.  I swear. 

We ran through “Passenger Side” a bit shell-shocked, but regained composure for sloppy but energetic turns of “Gin & Juice” and “Chilly Water.”  Big thanks to Snoop Dog, the Gourds, Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy, John Bell, and Mikey Houser for writing and/or originally performing these songs just for the sole purpose of our covering them.

(We do have several originals in the works, but they’re still not ready for public consumption.)

This Wednesday we’ll be back at Lincoln’s for a few more tunes.  Join us if you can.  We like to play between 9 and 10 PM; before 9, we’re too nervous.  After 10, we’re too drunk.


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