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Sub-Atomic Thursday

March 27, 2008

See?  We’re not bullshitting.  We have the photographic evidence (provided by our Minister of Media Affairs, the lovely and effervescent Vanessa Trussell) to prove that Atomic Drawers really does play rock n roll music.  C’mon, admit it.  You thought we were pulling your collective leg.  We also are suprised to learn that last week’s set was recorded from the soundboard (thanks John!) so we now have an unauthorized recording floating around out there.  Get one while you can–this thing will be worth millions when they’re auctioning off our memorabilia on Ebay in a few decades.

So while it is very difficult to soar with the eagles after hooting with the owls, here we are, early in the morning, after another raucous evening of music.  Atomic Drawers took the stage at around 9:30 last night amid much fanfare and laid down a tight set.  The crowd in Lincoln’s was a bit subdued (Jonathan remarked between acts that it was “quieter than Black Eyed Pea in here”) but folks started to trickle in and things became quite lively around 9:30 when the Drawers took the stage. 

We were both thrilled and a bit nervous to have local legends Adam Kilgus of Breaking & Entering and Webb of Liquid Revival on hand; they’re both excellent musicians and will tell you, point blank, if you suck.  We answered the challenge and they both appeared to dig our set, which included Pecan Pie, Pussywhipped, Redneck Mother, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, and Far, Far Away.  (I suppose we could be wrong–they might have been being nice and not telling us we suck but…  In any case, thanks for coming out, guys.  We truly appreciate it.)  

Muchos Muchos Gracias to everybody who attended last night: the Bass player, Minnesota Amy, Amy’s friends (although they might have just been there to eat dinner, I’m not sure), that one cool Keyboard player friend of Minnesota Amy, Colorado Amy and her husband, also Aaron, Jonathan, Webb, Andrea, and most especially Vanessa, for providing moral support and taking great photos.  And, I’m sure I’ve forgotten people but we appreciate you coming out on a Wednesday to hang out. 

Thanks again to John from Acoustic Music Revival for hosting and putting up with us, and of course everybody at Lincoln’s Roadhouse for soaking us with alcohol.

Next week, a strange new chapter begins in the Atomic Drawers saga–all original music.  Yikes.




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