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Atomic Eve

April 1, 2008

Those Drawers appear to be Atomic, right?

Happy Tuesday, folks.  Ned and Leather have been practicing up for tomorrow’s get-together at Wash Park Grille and have a nice little slate of tunes to play, including four originals which have only graced the ears of a few brave souls.  We practiced in the friendly confines of my garage office on Friday evening (in order to maintain our status of ‘garage band,’ we must occasionally play in a garage) and followed that up with a run-through in the rehearsal studio in the company of an out-of-town guest who later stripped to his boxers and barfed Fajitas and Easter candy all over Billy’s bathroom, and an old friend who was one of the only fans of the old Chester Drawers back in the day.  She might be one of the only fans of Atomic Drawers.  Consistency is important. 

Speaking of which, this old friend forced us to play “Time for Me to Fly” by REO Speedwagon on Saturday night and demands that we play it live.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that Disney Heart throbs The Jonas Brothers already cover that song.  And while we feel that we do match up well with The Jonas Brothers, competitively speaking, as well as in physical appearance, it might not be a good fit at this juncture in our career.  

So we start tomorrow night around 9:30.  Come out and see two to four chords of Drawers followed by many, many more chords of Polytoxic.

Oh, we added a few photos to the main site, as the Atomic Drawers Media Blitz continues.  We’re in negotiations for action figures.


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