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AtomiToxic Wednesday

April 2, 2008

My apologies to Polytoxic for lamely melding our name into theirs.  Just trying to create client-focused synergies to spearhead a vector-based, win-win approach for both organizations. 

In any case, it’s Wednesday again and we’re ready to go.  We’ve been fitted for our costumes, practiced with our choreography team time and time again, had our bikini waxings, and are looking forward to a fine evening of loud, rude, rock n roll.  We hope you can join us tonight at Wash Park Grille; we start around 9:30.

We’ve also set up a page at, a Colorado live music community.  Check them out; lots of good stuff available for your online perusing pleasure.  It even has an Atomic Drawers message board.  So, you and the ones of fives of other Drawers fans can discuss the inner workings of our mysterious and captivating band.

If this is a bad night to go out, then take tomorrow off.  That’s what we did.  Thanks again to Polytoxic for having us.  Let’s hope they don’t regret it!

Also, cancel all other Friday plans and go see Polytoxic at Sancho’s.  You’ll not be disappointed. 

Besides, you can’t smoke in Sancho’s anymore, so what’s your excuse now?  Huh? 



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