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Thursday Mornin’ Comin’ Down

April 3, 2008

Well folks, it’s official.  The members of Atomic Drawers are now professional musicians.  We got a $50 bar tab at Wash Park Grille last night for playing, which brought our actual tab to only $90!  We felt like the Good Ole Boys Blues Brothers Band.

We had a good set; it was dark in there and I couldn’t really see anything, but people applauded so I guess it went alright.  We’d practiced hard on our set for the evening, which included Redneck Mother (gotta let the hippies know that we’re into kicking their asses), an original called Rank and File, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, two more originals called Start Over Tomorrow and Dead Man, followed by Just My Imagination->Gin & Juice, and finally T-Shirt, another original.

We were shocked, confused, and a bit frightened to find that people seemed to like the originals better than the covers.  Has the world lost its mind?  Tory told me he dug the Just My Imagination cover, which made me giggle like a bashful schoolgirl. 

After our set, we watched the searing first set of CR and Tory.  We’ve decided that they asked us to play just to make them look better, which was completely unneccessary–those guys are freaking GOOD.

Then we decided to head down to Lincoln’s Roadhouse to play again, kinda like Phil Collins playing both the London and Philadelphia Live Aid shows.  Without the aid of a Concord to get us there (like Phil had), we relied on Management’s Honda Accord, which worked out well enough. 

At Lincoln’s things became a bit blurry, but we probably played Rank & File, Start Over Tomorrow, Dead Man, and T-Shirt.  I do remember not knowing any of the words to Start Over Tomorrow and singing the same verse over and over again.  The slightly less-than-capacity crowd of nine people didn’t seem to mind or notice, though.    

Thanks to everybody who came out to see us last night!  Vanessa, Gigi, Kelly, Michelle, David, David’s friends, B-rad and friends, Jason, Mac, Pablo, Richard, Deanna, those MoBoogie people, those other people who came for CR and Tory and had to sit through us, all the rich people who were there for extended happy hour and expensive dinners, and everybody else I’m forgetting. 

Thanks CR and Tory for having us and Sarah & everybody at Wash Park Grille for making it a great night!

Thanks John and Chris for allowing us onto the stage at Lincoln’s–damn, it’s fun to play there even when the place is empty.

We’re playing the originals plus a few new ones next week at Lincoln’s; more updates to follow (when I’ve had more sleep.)

And go see Polytoxic at Sancho’s on Friday night.  Should be a GREAT show!


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 3, 2008 1:43 pm

    Uh, well, like, when we first come in the bar lady never charged us for the first round so like we figured you know beer was like complimentary for the band, you know.

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