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Tuesday is the Day Before WEDNESDAY

April 8, 2008

The photo above provides proof that we did play a late set at Lincoln’s last week after our allegedly groundbreaking assault on Wash Park Grille.  I saw this picture and said, “Oh yeah, I remember Billy’s sweatshirt.”

Happy Tuesday, folks; yes, it’s already Tuesday.  That means you already have the strategy in place necessary to drop whatever unimportant things you had planned for tomorrow night (you’re going to stay home and watch Supernanny?  Sissy!  You have to go work out?  People won’t like you better just because you’re in shape.) so come out to Lincoln’s Roadhouse to see your favorite southeast Denver-specific, Shreveport-Bred rock n roll duo, Atomic Drawers. 

We’re playing sometime between 9 and 10, the Atomic Sweet Spot, and plan to play about 30 minutes of original songs that you may or may not appreciate.  We promise that we don’t have any songs about puppies, butterflies, or rainbows.  Yet.  Going forward, our artistic sensibilities and devotion to our craft will in no way inhibit our desire to make even the smallest sums of money. 

So, come out and tell us how bad we suck, how derivative we are of your least favorite duo, how we looked nervous at first but got better, how I missed a chord in the chorus of that one song, how we need to turn the vocals or guitars up or down, how we really, really should play that one Soul Asylum song that you just love, how you thought we were going to play more Widespread Panic covers, 

or conversely,

how our music has left you spiritually pulverized and questioning the meaning of your own life.  You could also just tell us we weren’t bad; you could also not say anything at all and giggle madly throughout the whole set. 

Just show up, have a few beers and/or a fine cajun dinner, and enjoy a Wednesday evening away from the crib.  We promise not to keep you out too late. 

For those of you who attended the Polytoxic show Friday night, how freaking great was that?  Dixie Chicken was twenty minutes long.  The accompanying musicians were incredible.  Waiting for Columbus never sounded better.  (We already got to open for CR and Tori, so this is no longer kissing ass.)

But thanks so much again, CR and Tori, for letting us open for you last week, what a great experience it was (this is kissing ass) and thanks CR for screaming “ATOMIC DRAWERS!” outside of Cervantes Masterpiece BallroomFree publicity is always welcome.

See y’all tomorrow?  Pretty Please?  We’re not above begging.


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