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Pixie Dust!

April 10, 2008

Something magical was in the air last night; something otherworldly.  It was as if Pixie Dust was sprinkled over the faces of many Atomic Drawers fans–Pixie Dust laced with Ambien.  This Pixie Dust made most of our committed fans fall asleep on their respective couches and miss our big twenty-two minute rock show.

But for those brave, dedicated, virtuous, attractive, successful, witty, urbane, dazzling, and personable folks who did brave the Louisiana-in-January weather to come out to Lincoln’s last night, they got to see Atomic Drawers furiously plow through four original songs, namely Rank & File, Dead Man, Start Over Tomorrow, and T-Shirt.  We hadn’t had as much to drink as usual and stayed pretty tight on the songs as far as I know.  We haven’t watched the footage yet, so I might be speaking too soon.

Speaking of which, Ministress of Media Affairs Vanessa got a lot of footage last night and, pending Atomic perusal, will have it up on YouTube this evening.  Thanks Vanessa! 

Along those same lines, IS THIS A MISTAKE?  Atomic Drawers on New Musical Express.  Somebody at NME has probably lost their job over this…

VERY big thanks to Vanessa, that big old guy with the cowboy hat, Tony, Tony, Chantelle, Minnesota Amy, Lori, Eric (who came to see us even though he couldn’t drink), Dave, Max, Michelle, our manager Kelly (who didn’t stay long enough to see us play–Pixie Dust affects management as well), and John, Chris and Rebecca for putting up with us once again.  

Also big thanks to everybody who fell asleep, had dinner run later than expected, had a relative die, spent the evening washing their hair, had a car, truck, bike, train, scooter, or leg on the fritz, wanted to catch the hockey game down at ESPNzone, are afraid of places with “roadhouse” in the name, or “just plain didn’t feel like it.” 

We understand completely.  If I hadn’t been one of the ones playing last night, I sure as hell wouldn’t have left the house.

We’re talking about playing somewhere else next week.  Updates to follow. 



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