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Back on the Horse

April 22, 2008

Above: Where the Magic Happens.  The Atomic Drawers Rehearsal and  Creativity Cellar.

Okay, so no gig fell from the sky last week, but Atomic Drawers used the time to rest, recharge, and get ready to hit the late-April ground a-runnin’.  We practiced, sharpened up a few things, and finished work on our new quasi-socially-responsible diddy about The Homeless.  We also decided that should we ever make any money at all, we’ll give some to The Homeless in the form of foodstuffs, garmentry, and other various and sundry miscellanea

Last Saturday, we were graced with a visit to the rehearsal space by the imcomparable Adam Kilgus of Breaking & Entering, who came ’round to offer much-needed advice and guidance, as well as to rock it out!  We played a lively three or four hours of music with Adam and had a blast, apparently.  Billy and I can only remember a few of the eclectic variety of songs we played, namely ones by Journey, Triumph, REO, and The Grateful Dead (?)  but surely we played more than just those.  Thanks for coming over, Adam, and we hope to get together again soon, possibly to do some recording.

We’re back at Lincoln’s Roadhouse tomorrow night, going on between 9 and 10, and planning a strong set of songs. 

It’s Springtime.  The sun is shining.  You’re in a good mood.  You’re thirsty.  You’re hungry.  Come out and see some friends, have a great meal, drink some great drinks, and listen to sonically-acceptable music in the form of Atomic Drawers.  We’d be much obliged if you did. 


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