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Strange New Discovery

April 24, 2008

Along this crazy musical journey upon which Billy and I have embarked, we’ve discovered some amazing things: collaborative songwriting, free drinks, how dorky we sound singing through P.A. systems, etc.

But last night at Lincoln’s, we stumbled on something almost as fulfilling as free drinks:

The Rhythm Section.

Yes, John the Bass Player has furiously torn it up with us many times before, but last night we had the most curious of musicians join us on stage, an actual, real-live drummer.  His name is Alex and he kicks ass.  We’d never played with a drummer before and, amazingly, it really does make a difference.  (I guess 99% of the bands out there can’t be wrong, huh?)

Alex and John laid down the backbeat for us on Chilly Water (a really weird, cool countrified version) Start Over Tomorrow, T-Shirt (already a country song), and our new socially-conscious Anthem of Hope, Stop Being Homeless.  

I was a little nervous that the crowd might get the wrong idea about Homeless, so I opened the song by telling everybody that Billy delivered food to a homeless shelter a couple of weeks ago and it really bummed him out, and we wrote a song about it.  It seems like there are lots of songs about the homeless that are a real bummer, so we figured we’d take the opposite approach and write an upbeat number with a catchy hook.  I thought it went over well, but I wasn’t really paying attention, because we had a full rhythm section.  Did I mention that before?

Apparently we’re a hit among lawyers.  I counted at least four in the crowd.  We appreciate your support and your impending offers of pro-bono representation.  Thanks fellas!

Also, imagine the luck of having a bunch of LSU grads (who we didn’t know) sitting at the front table.  I was just screwing around playing the opening of This Time of Year while we set up, and those people got really excited…

Many thanks as always to Vanessa, Alex the Drummer, John the Bassist, John the Organizer, John the Lawyer, John the Bob Mould Fan, David and his cool date, Max, Clemson Guy, Okoth, and Rebecca, Chris, JimBob, and all the fine musicians and regulars at Lincoln’s Roadhouse.  And anybody else I’m forgetting.

We’re going to explore the strange new musical phenomenon of the rhythm section and see what we can’t come up with.  Oh, and we’re in talks with a very cool keyboardist/accordionist.  More to follow, Happy Thursday!

One more thing–I think we got an offer to play at a hippie farm campout in June.  I’ll have to verify that, though…


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