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May 1, 2008

The recent death of Dr. Albert Hoffman (see post below) must have had an acutely detrimental effect on the Atomic Drawers Fanbase, because we were graced with only one fan presence at the big Lincoln’s Rock Show last night:

Jeff McNeal (pictured above.)

Jeff braved 70 degree temperatures and a light breeze to come all the way from Golden, Colorado to see us play and we are very, very appreciative.  There’s something heartwarming about being on stage and looking out into the crowd and seeing Mac wolfing down a po-boy.

We started out the evening with our tribute to Dr. Hoffman, a ten-second, A Capella rendition of  Space Jam by the Grateful Dead (think about it.)The less-than-capacity crowd of twenty-plus musicians and fans really seemed to enjoy it. 

We went on to play Rank & File, Dead Man, Just My Imagination, Gin & Juice, and Pecan Pie.  John the Bass Player had to leave before our set, but Alex the Drummer backed us up with sticks, congas, and a COWBELL which made the set fun, fun, fun.  Thanks again, Alex.

Billy premiered his new guitar with some scorching leads and a big round of applause.  Welcome to the team, New Guitar.  Long may you live, and may you not meet the untimely fate of Billy’s poor old Ibanez.

Many, many thanks to John from Acoustic Music Revival for hosting and having us again, Rebecca and Chris for keeping the beers cold and plentiful, and to all the great folks at Lincoln’s for coming out and having fun.  What a great place to hang out.


Billy and I will be back in the Rehearsal and Creativity Cave this weekend working on five new songs.  Wish us luck, have a great week, and feel free to tell us why it is that you won’t come see us.  Do we come off as needy?  It’s not us, it’s you?  You just got out of a long relationship with another band and aren’t ready for the commitment?      


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