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Mando Bizzaro

May 7, 2008

How fitting on this gray and rainy day in Denver, which makes me homesick for the Great State of Louisiana, that Atomic Drawers looks to take yet another baffling leap towards legitimacy this evening at Lincoln’s Roadhouse

Yes, folks, the rumors that have been swirling about the southeastern Denver area are true: 

Pat, an accomplished and scary-good mandolin player and host of Swallow Hill’s Tuesday Bluegrass Jam, will be playing with us tonight.  Hopefully we’re also hoping to have Johnny on bass and possibly Alex on percussion.  This should be interesting, to say the least.  My tail is wagging hard this morning. 

Please try to come out and see us.  Snowy days don’t get you out the door, nor do perfect 70 degree days.  Perhaps a dreary, waterlogged day like today will make you pine for a barstool, a coldbeer, a po-boy, and some mandolin-seasoned Atomic Drawers.  Hell, we’d love to have you.

In other news, Atomic Drawers had a lively Friday night practice this past week which somehow devolved into a three-hour blues jam based around Billy dropping his lighter, Shenanigans, Vanagons, and I can’t really recall what else.  We worked on a couple of new songs but didn’t make much headway due to the preponderance of refreshments that, oddly enough, seemed to hinder instead of bolster our efforts.  But don’t you worry, we’ll be back at work on new material this weekend.   


UPDATE:  Oh, bitter irony.  I was working feverishly on the Atomic Drawers blog and missed the Widespread Panic Red Rocks Ticket Pre-sale.  I guess Atomic Drawers had better get really, really good really, really quick and hope for some VIP passes from the Panic folks… 

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