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Bluegrass Miracle

May 9, 2008

We at Atomic Drawers apologize for the delay in posting this week’s recap.  A debilitating stomach virus got me yesterday morning and I spent the day in a bad state.  Feeling much better now, albeit lighter, and as weak as a kitten.

Wednesday night was a fun one at Lincoln’s.  The evening started with an unplanned patio Eagles sing-along starring an inebriated Irish guitar player named John and a super nice lady with a kickass Martin guitar.  I didn’t mind singing Peaceful Easy Feeling with those folks, but when they started into The Rose, I had to excuse myself from the proceedings. 

Atomic Drawers went on at around 9:30 amidst much fanfare; the place was packed and everybody was having fun.  Pat the Mandolin player sat in with us on Let’s Go Dancing, Passenger Side, Rank & File, and T-Shirt.  His mandolin sounded amazing.  It’s actually difficult to concentrate on your own parts of a song with such great playing going on right next to you.  Thanks again, Pat.  We’re looking forward to more!  Let’s Go Dancing was really fun–it’s a song that Billy and I have known for years but hadn’t played live before, and with Pat, it sounded pretty good.

It sho’nuff is a lot more fun with so many friendly faces in the crowd, and we had several on Wednesday…Thanks to Vanessa, Lindsey & Megan, and Ally, Jessica, Judy & Friends, Okoth, Stephen, Carmen, Aaron, Max, & John for coming down to hang out.  And special thanks to my sister, Susan, for answering her phone when I called with a question about the Fur Rendezvous.  (It’s a long story.) 

As always, thanks to John for hosting and Rebecca and Chris for the coldbeers!

We’ll see y’all next week; until then, have a good ‘un…



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