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Karmic Drawers

May 19, 2008

Above:  Yes, that’s a hush puppy shaped like a fish, and it has very little to do with Atomic Drawers.

We at Atomic Drawers hope that everyone had a nice weekend.  There is much to report, so let’s get right to it:

We were able to get in some good playing time over the past week and weekend that was both rewarding and tinged with tragedy. 

Friday night after attending a fabulous happy hour with Vanessa and the girls at Chateau Brocato in the Applewood Hills (thank you Vanessa for driving us back down) , we ran through several songs at the rehearsal and creativity cellar and then headed over to a friend’s house for post-rehearsal refreshments. 

One of the guests at this house had apparently had tee many martoonis, and was found cradling a toilet bowl and begging incessantly for “somebody to please turn the light off.” 

Incensed by the fact that this guy was monopolizing the main floor bathroom and the only other one was all the way downstairs, Billy and I decided to entertain the sickly fellow with a rousing and ill-tempered barrage of Atomic Drawers music, namely He’s a Dick, Pink Houses, and Pussywhipped.  And there might have been a couple more, but memory isn’t serving for some reason.  Our host sang backup on Pussywhipped and did a fabulous job.  (Also, to the host, thanks for the delicious cuisine.) 

We hope you’re feeling better, Whiney Guy Embracing Toilet, and pray that your tummy ache went away.

Billy and I convened on my patio on Saturday evening to run through some new songs.  If Karma is real, then it must be on the side of guys who drink too much and clutch onto toilets, because Karma struck back at me with great vengeance and furious anger when my guitar strap came loose and sent my three month-old Fender guitar plummeting onto the concrete patio. 

The good news:  The five-inch gash in the solid spruce top looks really cool, and now I don’t have to treat my guitar like a show queen. 

The bad news:  there is a fucking five-inch gash in the solid spruce top and now I don’t get to treat my guitar like a show queen. 

Fuck it.  The thing still plays and sounds good enough, so onward we go.  If you’re not a good enough guitar player to have a good guitar, then nature has a way of evening things out, I suppose.  There’s your Monday morning Zen.  Enjoy. 

There is now streaming audio on the  Right now we’ve got a slightly slow and slightly slurred version of T-shirt from Lincoln’s on 4-23-08.  I’m both excited to have audio and a bit put-off by it.  What if you dig the blog, the site, and our sexy and outlawish image, but think our music sucks?  I reckon that’s a chance we have to take.  Maybe we’re like Sigue Sigue Sputnik.  Sure, they look super cool, but their music blows. 

You can also see some footage on by searching “atomic drawers.”

We are playing at Lincoln’s Roadhouse this Wednesday, May 21st, about a half hour’s worth between nine and ten PM.  Please come out and see us if you can; hell we’d love to have you.  We’re trying to convince somebody, somewhere to give us a weekend gig, and headcount is apparently much more important than actual talent or craft.  Plus, we’re doing to brand-spanking new songs as well as a few of our other originals.  So, we might bomb.  That’s more fun to watch than success, isn’t it?

Have a great week.  Come see us.  


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