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Atomic Excuse!

May 21, 2008

Above: The crowd goes wild at last Saturday night’s show (see previous post.)

Well folks, it’s official.  I’ve just been given the most time-honored and tried-and-true excuse in the history of man and womankind:

An Atomic Drawers fan with nearly two shows to her credit (that 4/23/08 Lincoln’s is the heat, brah) is having the shower replaced in her condo, and as a result has been borrowing her friends’ bathrooms in order to maintain proper hygiene. 

I asked her if she’s planning on coming to the big rock show this evening, and she replied:

“I can’t.  I’m washing my hair.”

I’m not kidding.  It really happened, not twenty minutes ago.  Therefore, that excuse has been taken off of the table for this week.  Sure, I’ve been fed that line before, but this time it’s actually true.  I wonder if it was true the other eight times throughout my life that I’ve been told that?  I guess I owe eight girls a heartfelt apology.  I really thought they were being deceptive.  But I digress.

Let’s review:

 “I fell asleep on the couch” is getting a bit fatigued.

“Dinner ran late” sounds a tad condescending.

“I didn’t realize y’all were playing tonight” is downright insulting.

“Death of a family pet”  is simply in poor taste.

Come out to Lincoln’s tonight.  Have a drink, have a food, have a listen.  We’re debuting two new songs and playing a few more originals that precious few of you have ever heard before.  So I guess they’re all new in that sense.  See y’all tonight? 



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