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1/100000th of a Tiger Game.

May 22, 2008

100 days ’til kickoff…

It was one of those evenings, folks.  Great weather, great people, great music, lots of meatloaf cheeseburgers, po-boys, chili cheese fries, and cold, cold beers.  It was the Wednesday night, small-venue-in-Denver equivalent to an LSU football game.  (Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but it was quite fun.)

With all due respect to the young lady who was washing her hair last night and missed the big rock show, she would have had a good time at this one, even with dirty hair.  (The hippie dude who played after us had much dirtier hair than that chick could ever imagine, and was still able to pull of a rousing Friend of the Devil under his own cloud of questionable personal hygiene.)  

The early evening patio was packed with new faces, old friends, and great conversation.  Billy and I were a tad nervous to have such a lively and warm group of folks to play for, but we pulled through.  Accompanied by Johnny on bass, we started off with two new songs, Patio Song and Rough Night, followed by a frenetic Start Over Tomorrow and an up-tempo T-Shirt.  Imagine our shock at the end of our planned set when John the Organizer walked to the stage, grabbed the mic, and asked the crowd if they wanted more.  We obliged with Rank & File and called it a night.  We were a little sloppy out of the gate, but about halfway through Patio Song everything clicked, and it felt like the whole thing was over in 30 seconds. 

I’d love to say that it’s about the music and artistic expression and all of that garbage, but it’s actually about applause.  We are whores for applause.  There, I’ve said it.

We’ve established an Atomic Drawers channel on YouTube and will have footage from last night’s shindig posted up this evening.  Giant thanks to Vanessa, our Minister of Media Affairs, for operating that dizzying array of A/V equipment and for providing moral support equal to that of 10,000 screaming concertgoers. 

Thanks to John for recording our 5/7/08 hootenanny with Pat the Mandolin player.  I haven’t listened to it yet but we’re hoping it came out as well as we thought it did when we did it…

Vanessa, Kelly, Cari, Webb from Liquid Revival and his lovely wife Andrea the Vegetarian; Gigi, Okoth, John & Eric, and especially Josh & Janelle, who travelled all the way from SmokeyBumFuckEgypt Hill, THANKS!!  I know I’m forgetting folks, but I also know that you’ll remind me later that I didn’t mention you so I apologize ahead of time.  To those who said they were coming and didn’t make it, I’ll be in the bathroom crying for the next few hours.    

With a full head of steam, we’re planning on going back to Lincoln’s next week to do it all again and we hope y’all will join us.  (Good weather and good friends apparently has a positive affect on the whole thing.)


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