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The Drawers are Off.

May 28, 2008

June 14th

Atomic Drawers will be taking tonight off in order to get our shit together for a private gig this weekend.  Also, Billy has a solo show tomorrow at Vanessa’s kindergarten class in Lakewood, where he’ll be bringin’ the heat on  “De Colores” by Jose Luiz Orozco.

Last weekend turned out to be a good one.  After a patio rehearsal Friday night, Atomic Drawers played Web and Andrea’s House on Sunday afternoon (thanks!!) then headed down to the British Bulldog later that night to play a few.  A solid crowd was on hand and the place was loud and rockin’.   Ryan, the emcee, was introducing everybody by telling a made-up story about where they were from, where they’d toured, etc. 

Billy and I were being introduced, and Ryan said, “these guys met at soccer camp in Louisville in the 4th Grade.  Give it up for Atomic Drawers!” 


I was confused.  I went to my mic and responded, “Everything that guy just said is bullshit.  We’re from Shreveport, Louisiana, and we’re here to play some music.” 

We played Patio Song, Rough Night, Start Over Tomorrow, and T-Shirt, and it seemed to go over pretty well.  Playing in front of a bunch of loud, drunk people who aren’t paying attention is a blast.  You feel like you can just yell the songs at them. 

Patio Song and Rough Night have been uploaded to (thanks Vanessa!)  Search “atomic drawers” and the footage should come up, if you’re interested. 

MAJOR THANKS to Vanessa and Gigi for coming out to see us, we appreciate it more than you can imagine.  Minor lack-of-thanks to Kimi for not showing up, and to Mark for showing up with a whole load of friends, then leaving ten minutes before we played.  Is it possible to know that we suck just by looking at us, before we’ve even played a note?

We’re undecided about next week; either the Oriental Theater on Monday Night or Lincoln’s on Wednesday.  We’ll let you know.


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