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June 2, 2008

Atomic Drawers headed up to lovely Golden, Colorado this past Saturday to Chateau Brocato for an afternoon/evening/morning? of great music and delicious crawfish.  Nestled in the hills overlooking the Picturesque Rocky Mountains, the setting was perfect for boiling 180 pounds of farm-raised North Louisiana Crawfish (yes, that’s right, the crawfish were from Natchitoches!  Take that, South Louisiana!) as well as a wide variety of live music, kids runnin’ around, coldbeers, sunshine, laughter, witty repartee, and pretty much anything else you could possibly want on a beautiful late-spring Colorado day. 

Web started off the live sets with his own unique variety of home-spun funky mountain liquid acoustic jamfolk rock n roll, and Atomic Drawers followed up with a set of several songs which may or may not have included Patio Song, Rough Night, Pussywhipped, Dead Man, T-Shirt, He’s a Dick, Stop Being Homeless, and a maybe few others.  My main memory is that our PA sucks and we didn’t sound so good.  Many thanks to everybody who reminded me of that.  We at Atomic Drawers appreciate your Tough Love.  

And honestly, you know you’re not doing great when the whole giant party gets more excited about Ipod-generated The Little River Band’s Greatest Hits and Rocket Queen by Guns n Roses than they do about the actual live music.  Although I too was digging Rocket Queen.  I love that song. 

We finished our set and Web got back up there accompanied by local music legend Peyton, former bassist in the Earl/Federales/Midnight Snack supergroup.  Peyton is no fan of Widespread Panic nor the Grateful Dead, so imagine his shock when he found himself performing several covers of their songs…

Billy and I got back up there later in the evening and plowed our way through several songs (really unsure of titles for that set).  Hostess Judy did mention, though, that she was impressed that we know all of the words to Gin & Juice.  So I guess that means we played it. 

All in all, it was a great party.  One of the best I’ve been to in a long, long time.  Unfortunately, it made the Denver Catfish Festival look like this.  There is much work to do. 

Major thanks to Paul and Judy for having everybody over, Web for setting up the PA, and thanks to all of the nice folks who actually listened to us play.  We appreciate it!  The crawfish were excellent and got better as the day went on.  Talk about Atomic Drawers, though.  Jeez. 

Atomic Drawers will be back at Lincoln’s Roadhouse on this coming Wednesday.  We’ll be going on between 9 and 10 PM and will do 4 or 5 songs.  Come out and see us if you can.


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