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Early Drawers

June 5, 2008

Yeah, we were worn the hell out from being out too late at Red Rocks the night before.

Yeah, we had to negotiate to squeeze into a spot on the bill at Lincoln’s (thank you Bobby Earl!) 

Yeah, we could have blown the whole thing off and gone home and gotten some sleep. 

But according to the valuable advice of this guy, when you say you’re gonna play, you’d better damn well play.  So with that in mind, Atomic Drawers put together an abbreviated set of three tunes for the rambunctious denizens of Lincoln’s Roadhouse on a cold and windy Wednesday evening. 

We went on at about 8:30 (earlier than usual) to the loud cheers of Chris and Keith, first-timers at Wednesday Lincoln’s (thank you gentlemen!), and played a really slow Chilly Water, a really slow Patio Song, and a really slow Rough Night, with Johnny B. on bass and April on tambourine (thanks!) 

We walked off the stage, put away our guitars, turned the corner, and through the door walked Amy & Tony as well as Adam and a buddy of his.  They missed us by two minutes.  As we’re discussing how funny that was, Judy and her Alaska-native-headed-for-Dubai friend Emily walked through the door.  (Apparently Judy has a GPS unit in her new car that has no sense of direction, and they got lost.)  I hope Emily has better luck getting to Dubai than Judy did finding her way to Lincoln’s.

Thanks everybody for coming out, even if for some it was just a wee bit too late.  We appreciate it.

We also gained a new Drawers Supporter (or would that be suspender?), a guy named Heath who dug Chilly Water.  Thanks, Heath.  

I thought we were slow and sloppy.  Billy thought we were tight and  solid.  Johnny had a big smile.  Either I’m outnumbered, or the truth lies somewhere in between.  Regardless, we’ll be practicing up and are looking at a busy next couple of weeks.  Everything moves faster when there’s an Old 97’s show, a Denver Catfish Festival, and these gentlemen at Red Rocks on the horizon.

We’re going to shoot for Lincoln’s next Wednesday.  We’ll let you know.


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