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It’s Business Time

June 25, 2008

By popular demand, an updated photo of the Atomic Drawers Creativity Cellar, also known as Abbey Road West.

Happy Hump Day.  TGIW.  TGIW especially if you’re off on Thursday and Friday, as I am.

We’re heading up to Lincoln’s Roadhouse tonight and are excited about the chance to Set the Night to Music.  (Did you click that link?  Holy Crap.  Hard to believe that those guys represent the end-of-the-line for Jefferson Airplane.   I wonder what Atomic Drawers will look like in forty years? 

We are starting at precisely 9:20 in the PM. With the first strum of our mighty instruments, you will be catapulted into a magical garden of musical delightsYour mind will be a-glow with whirling transient nodes of thought, careening through a cosmic vapor of invention.

 Some good friends from Louisiana are coming to town and will be in attendance, so come out and introduce yourself.  You need a night out. 

Besides, for those of you in the Denver area, it’s Widespread Panic Week.  You know you’re not doing anything at work this week.  You might as well get your momentum going towards Friday and go ahead and be hungover tomorrow.


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