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A-Panic Drawers

July 1, 2008

I apologize if this update is a few, uh, five days late.  We had a busy weekend.

Last Wednesday night (has it been that long?)  was a good one for Atomic Drawers.  We arrived at Lincoln’s early in order to prepare for what was sure to be an important evening of music; for the first time in a long time, Billy and I were both a tad nervous about that night’s performance due to the fact that we had several folks coming who hadn’t seen us yet, and at least one who’d travelled across the country just to see us (and decided later to stick around for the weekend to see these fellas).  That was very nice of you, Danny.  Unlike established bands like Atomic Drawers, Widespread Panic desperately needs more support; we were happy to hear that they came to town in support of our show.

We had allowed the aforementioned Danny to choose our setlist for the evening, and we went on at about 9:20 and rolled through Rank & File, Rough Night, Patio Song, Chilly Water, T-Shirt, and Dead Man.  Holy shit, that’s actually almost  a whole real set…Anyway,  I can say without question that it was the most excited and motivated that we’ve been in a long time, and we tore it up; Chilly Water was especially fun.  When we got off stage, we celebrated our fun and energetic show.  We also celebrated seeing old friends.  We might have even celebrated LSU football.  We celebrated long into the night. 

We celebrated to the point that we forgot that we had played, and we inadvertently left our guitars at Lincoln’s.  

Thursday morning in the parking lot of Home Depot, as I stood serenely next to my Vanagon, about to walk inside to buy paint brushes, I thought to myself gosh I love making music.   

Thanks to everybody who came out to see us on Wednesday.  Vanessa, Chantelle, John E., Minnesota Amy, Tony, Max, Stephen, John C., the Baton Rouge Brothers Danny and Dave, Jeff McNeal (see his fine mug in an older post) and everybody else I’m forgetting.  Thanks Gail and Ken for making the trip, and thanks so much to Ken for designing our new logo, premiering soon.   

Oh, and Danny, there’s a reason you’ve gotten so much mention in this entry–thanks for coming all the way from Baton Rouge and paying the Atomic Drawers bar tab.  For some reason we felt like you owed us since we skipped Rush at Red Rocks to play that night, but in retrospect, that logic might have a few holes in it.  We’ll make sure you get a free copy of our first album.  That should cover it, huh?

John from Acoustic Music Revival had the sound going perfectly as always and gave us a TON of extra time, and Chris and Rebecca kept the drinks flowing for entirely too long.   Thanks Everbody!

The Drawers are off until probably July 16th.  Headin’ to Louisiana to get outta this Denver heat.  We’ll see y’all soon.


PS: I’m thinking about writing something up about Panic Weekend, mainly because Billy and I played air guitar during their version of Chilly Water.  In the meantime, I’ll offer this up as a loose guide to how things went.

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