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The Drawers of Perception

July 17, 2008

Whoever said,  “no matter how drunk you get, you can still play country music” was RIGHT

After a long, lazy evening on Lincoln’s patio, Junior and I took the stage last night around 9PM and had a rollicking good time, thanks mainly to the addition of Mike on drums and Johhny B. on bass.  This, this rhythm section thing, while great for rockin’ music,  apparently also lends itself to slow, plodding country tunes.  Who knew? 

After the usual salute to LSU (which is required, by Louisiana law, any time a Tigah Fan finds him or herself holding a microphone), we went into Downtown Girl by Hayes Carll and it turned out pretty well. 

We then congratulated Carmen and Aaron on their recent nuptuals with a slowed-down, countrified All I Want is You by Barry Polisar, during which I forgot most of the words and just made shit up as I went along, or repeated lines I’d already sung and went completely out-of-sync with guitars, drums, bass, etc.  I think I played the wrong chords for a good part of it as well.  I’m glad it didn’t go down that way when I played it at their wedding.  That would have sucked.  

After that, we moved on to a cantankerous Redneck Mother by Jerry Jeff Walker, in honor of Brad from Austin not having to work for me anymore, and his wife Creighton gettin’ herself a job with the city.

Finally, we played Billy’s warm new holiday song, Thanksgiving.  As is usually the case when we’re premiering an obnoxious and depraved number, we were nervous as to the reception it would get, especially considering that this song takes on the issue of holiday incest in such a frank and explicit way.  While the chorus harmonies were an absolute freaking mess (we just learned the thing three days ago!), the sloppy trainwreck nature of our delivery seemed to go hand-in-hand with the subject matter, and the crowd responded very well.

(Speaking of incest, I can’t believe nobody picked up the Flowers in the Attic reference in yesterday’s entry.)

Thanks to Vanessa, Kelly, Chantelle, Minnesota Amy, Carrie of the Flowers, Eric, Frank and his Significant Other, Bad Brad, Creighton, Carmen, Aaron, Michelle, and anybody else I’m forgetting who came out to see us.  That was a LOT of fun. 

As always, thanks John for having us, Rebecca and Chris for feeding us, and Johnny and Mike for sitting in. 

We’re planning on playing again next Wednesday.  Maybe we’ll do only Polka music.


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