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Oh shit, aren’t we playing tonight?

August 6, 2008

Above:  Billy and I prepare for a gig with a casual photo op.  Is there anything more rewarding and entertaining than a father-son acoustic rock-n-roll duo?   

I guess it’s difficult to further one’s burgeouning rock n roll career when one forgets to alert one’s massive fanbase that a performance is in the works, so I suppose we deserve it if nobody shows up tonight. 

Atomic Drawers will be coming to you live at Lincoln’s Roadhouse this evening, probably somewhere around 9 PM.  The summer’s almost over, and if seeing Atomic Drawers was on your Summertime To-do List, well then here’s your chance. 

We’re playing a couple of our originals, a country song, and a song that came in 3rd place in the 1985 Firecracker 200 Countdown of the Greatest Rock n Roll Songs of All Time on 98Rocks in Shreveport.

So, come see us.  Or just read the blog in the morning and I’ll tell you all about my massive sinus infection and subsequent inability to hit high notes which will have left people laughing and throwing chunks of fine cajun food and Miller Lite bottles at us at Lincoln’s.


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