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Everybody’s waiting to find the last drink…

August 19, 2008

The last word to say

The last place to go

The end of the show

Like sands through the hourglass…Is it possible that tomorrow night is the final performance of the wildly successful Atomic Drawers Summer Tour 2008? 

We just can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly and we off a laurel and hardy handshake to you, The Fans, for coming out and supporting us.  Ahh, memories:   

*Who can forget that early summer show at Lincoln’s where we played five songs and cursed repeatedly at our audience, namely those who did not pledge any sort of allegiance to L.S.U.? 

*Or that time at…gosh let me think…I believe it was Lincoln’s, when we played and it was raining outside? 

*And remember that time, it was that mid-week show at a little roadhouse called Lincoln’s,  when Billy and I both inadvertently bumped into our mic stands with our guitars? 

*Lastly who can forget, and I think we were playing at Lincoln’s on that occasion, possibly on a Wednesday, when one or both of us forgot some of the chords, rhythm, and/or lyrics to one or more songs?   

Let’s look at some statistics from the tour thus far:

–Atomic Drawers has played to over 26 die-hard fans, nearly 117 unsuspecting bystanders, 180 lbs. of live crawfish, one kindergarten class (Billy solo), and a whole wedding (Joe solo) during the 13-show summer run. 

–Geographically, Atomic Drawers has criss-crossed this great nation, covering over 24 miles of wide-open American highway during the tour, playing on five different stages in three different towns along the way.

–The Summer Tour has not been the financial windfall that was initially expected, what with gas prices where they are; however, we did spend slightly less during the Summer Tour than we did during the Late Winter/Spring Tour.  But we did get that one bar tab credit in the spring which offset some of our costs (thanks again, Wash Park Grille.)

–Fans from as far away as Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and from as close as one block from the bar, have travelled to see The Drawers this summer.  Ironically, the one who came from the farthest distance was the one who paid our bar tab one night.  (Thanks Danny.)

–We’ve had several folks sit in this summer–Johnny Bass, Pat the Mandolin Player, Mike the Drummer, Alex the Drummer, Webb from Liquid Revival, and Widespread Panic, who sat in with us while we played air guitar to Chilly Water, which they happened to be playing on stage at Red Rocks at the time.  (yes, technically that could be considered a sit-in.)

–Atomic Drawers has undergone several management changes over the summer.  I know that Kelly was the manager for awhile, then Gigi for a week, then I vaguely remember somebody else being manager for awhile, and then some other person who showed promise.  If you are reading this and you are our manager, could you let us know?

We’ll be back at Lincoln’s for one last summer get-down tomorrow night, playing a few covers and a few originals, all oldies by Atomic Drawers standards (if you consider six months ago “old.”  We are a cutting edge outfit, folks.)

Where will the 2008 Atomic Drawers Fall Tour take us?  We’ll just have to wait and see




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