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Atourmic Ending

August 22, 2008

Billy relaxes before our set on Wednesday.

Atomic Drawers got together Wednesday night at Lincoln’s for the final performance of the much-heralded 2008 Summer Tour, and it was one for the ages.  Johnny B. and Mike provided the backbeat as we rolled through a few songs.

With the Democratic National Convention coming to town, we figured we’d do our part to be socially responsible and started off the set with Stop Being Homeless, which went over well.  After that, we did I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (in a nod to the old Chester Drawers) and it also seemed to go over pretty well.  

That’s when things got interesting. 

We started into Dead Man, and at some point in the intro, neither Billy, nor I, nor Johnny nor Mike, knew what the hell was going on.  I, for one, was completely lost and had at that point completely forgotten which song we were allegedly playing. 

Therefore, we stopped the whole thing in mid-strum and started over.  I dropped my pick, forgot a verse, transposed several lines, forgot the chords, remembered the chords then realized that I’d remembered the old chords and not the new chords we’d changed, had a minor laughing fit, tripped over my cord, cussed at somebody, pointed a finger, and so on.  I do know that we played it approximately 500 times faster than we ever have before, so I guess it’s now our lone punk song. 

We ended with a slurred and rolicking T-Shirt (and got the fuck out).  I asked a few patrons how we sounded, and they said we sounded drunk.  (Billy and I, it should be noted, thought we kicked almighty ass.)

Muchos, Muchos, Muchos Gracias to Kelly, Kelly’s friend from Auburn, Michelle, Dave and Margee, Abar, Jason H., and Okoth for coming out.  Thanks Johnny and Mike for sitting in John for hosting, and of course Chris and Rebecca of Lincoln’s Roadhouse for keeping the evening flowing. 

See y’all on Atomic Drawers Fall World Tour 2008.  (Dates to be announced soon.)

Geaux Tigers!


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