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Fall Tour is Underway

September 18, 2008

**Rah-jo, Rah-jo, Snowman.  Rest in Peace.  We hope that you and Fred are outrunning smokies on heaven’s highway system.**

The Atomic Drawers Travelling Circus officially got off to a great start last night at Lincoln’s Roadhouse in Denver, Colorado.  We like to play the smaller, more obscure spots for tour openers so that we can get the kinks out before heading to the larger venues

With Johnny B. on bass, we started off the short set with a nod to Auburn Week, This Time of Year.  We followed with a solid Girl Downtown, then Rough Night.  We ended with our tribute to Jerry Reed, East Bound and Down.  Damn what a fun song to play.  That’s a keeper.

One facet of our ongoing quest to become The Most Dominant Country/Rock Duo to Come Out of the Ark-La-Tex is demographic research.  With that in mind, we held a survey with the Drawers fans in attendance (thanks for the 100% participation!) and came up with some striking numbers:

*A full 50% of those in attendance were Colorado natives.

*Approx. 25% hailed from California.

*The remaining +/- 25% were from New Orleans

What do these numbers tell us?  Well, we expected to have a strong Colorado contingency, being that we’re transplanted home-towners. 

We were pleasantly surprised with the West Coast representation–we’ve spent a lot of time and capital on marketing out west, and it’s good to see that the hard work is paying dividends. 

The most surprising stat is the New Orleans percentage; with Atomic Drawers sobering lack of funkiness, we would have figured the “Big Easy” would not be a strong demographic region for us. 

How else can we interpret these numbers?  I suppose we can simply thank Vanessa, Stephen, Michelle, and David for coming to see us.

Thanks Vanessa for the support and fabulous video work.

Thanks Michelle for the bottle of Mona Vie; if this stuff is as good as you say it is, all of my hair will grow back and I’ll be curling a VW with each arm by the end of the week.

Thanks Stephen for telling us that we should play East Bound and Down every week

Thanks David for riding down from Golden and seeing us for the first time!  Looking forward to you sitting in with that acoustic bass…

Thanks John for having us, and Chris and Rebecca for being such gracious hosts as always. 

Atomic Drawers is working on several exciting new songs.  Some manly, some not-so-manly

More to come.



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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 29, 2008 2:36 pm

    So what is the rest of the fall schedule?
    –Tommy Lobene

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