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A Very Drawersy Christmas

December 18, 2008

Ah, Christmas.


A time to gather with friends both old and new at your favorite cozy tavern, sharing festive drinks by a warm fire, remembering days past and looking to the future; sharing hopes of good fortune and love in the precious spirit of this special time of year; 


And then pummelling everybody within hearing distance into submission with a sonic disaster of sloppy, obnoxious, lightly-rehearsed acoustic rock-n-roll.


Such was the marvelous scene which unfolded last night at Lincoln’s Roadhouse, where Atomic Drawers took the stage on an oddly mellow December evening.  The bill was full of single guitarists playing groovy old favorites while friends listened, chatted, and clapped. 


Then we got up there. 


After a bumbling sound-check Where is My Mind-ish abbreviated instrumental, we went for the jugular with Billy’s new rock anthem, Hardwood.  For whatever reason, my guitar was making no sound through the PA, so our timing was very off from the get-go.  We made it to the second verse, but when Billy sang, “We’ll have to mop up the sticky/what’s that vibratin’ doo-hickey,” and I was supposed to come in with my portion of the chorus, “Do it on the floor!,” I got the giggles and couldn’t get my shit together.  I giggled through the rest of the song and almost fell down on stage laughing.  Professionalism at its finest.


As we were playing, a guy with a wooden box asked if he could drum(?) for us.  He got up on stage next to me and started banging away.  At the end of the song, Billy looked over and said something to the effect of, who the fuck is that guy and why’s he making that noise? 


Next was Credit Crisis, a topical new Atomic Drawers original about buying an eightball on credit.  I forgot a good many of the words and occasionally missed a chord or two.  Problem is, it’s a three-chord song. 


After that we powered into Thanksgiving, which started off well enough but fell apart when Billy forgot the verse about Thanksgiving.  Without the signature verse, I reckon it didn’t make much sense. 


We rounded out the set with Merry Christmas from the Family by Robert Earl Keene.  We were, of course, off-time but made it through alive. 


For our encore, we picked an old-time holiday favorite, Pussywhipped by Dash Rip Rock.  My special Christmas Miracle was that I got to do a Pete Townsend Jump-Up-in-the-Air at the end.  Unfortunately, in the process of jumping, I lost control of my guitar and whiffed on the final chord.  Awesome.


All in all, I would call it a rousing Atomic Drawers success.  It was as if Santa’s elves had sprinkled enchanted Christmasdust all over our guitars.


Muchos, muchos gracias to everybody who came out last night–Michelle, Kelly, Kelly’s friends, Stephen, Oklahoma Dave, Bicyclist Dave, and everybody else I’m forgetting.


Thanks to John for sound and guidance, and Rebecca and Chris for saturation. 


Atomic Drawers wishes everybody a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  


We’re asking Santa for talent.


See you in ’09,



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