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Atomic Exits

January 22, 2009

Last night, Atomic Drawers took the crowd 120 minutes into the future of rock & roll, if you define “the future” as twenty years ago.

You know you’re doing something right as a band when the following episode unfolds as it did last night at Lincoln’s Roadhouse:

We got on stage, sang a very short a capella version of Oh Mandy (but sang “Oh-bama” instead) then saw Carmen walk in and screamed,

“A Fuckin’ FAN!  Oops, I mean, another fuckin’ fan” to the adoring crowd.

We introduced our first song by saying, “this is a song by a gay dude that was written about another gay dude, we hope you enjoy it.” 

We tore into Morrissey’s Suedehead at about ten times its normal speed. 

At that moment, the whole front table of eight to ten older folks promptly got up and walked out the door. 

Towards the end of Suedehead, during the “It was a good lay” part, the slightly pretentious guys who played before us (and sounded an awful lot like these guys) stood up along with their fairly large entourage and quickly exited the premises. 

So, after weeding out the undesirables, we blazed into the rest of our set.  This was a night that we wanted to do something completely different, so we rocked into She Sells Sanctuary->7 Chinese Brothers->Can’t Hardly Wait->She Sells Sanctuary.  Most of the folks present had no idea what we were playing, but they seemed to dig it.  We encored with Chilly Water, (thematically unrelated but technically an ’80’s song) and finished with Billy yelling at the next act up, “try to follow THAT.” 

We basically put the set together because it was fun as hell to play, as well as being designed for one single Drawers disciple, Stephen.  We knew he’d get it.  This morning while discussing the set, a coworker said, “that’s a great way to build a fanbase, just playing for one person.”

But fuck, if there are only seven Atomic Aficionados there, we might as well make one of them completely happy.

So with that, THE ATOMIC DRAWERS SPRING WORLD TOUR IS UNDERWAY!  We are extremely excited to be back and are looking forward to a weird, profane, confusing, and socially redeeming dash to the summer.  We hope you can join us at one of our many stops around the planet.

(We can call it a World Tour because Denver’s in the world.)

Big time thanks to Stephen the 80’s Alternative Guru, Jonathan, Karaoke Carmen, Marcus T., Minnesota Amy and Minnesota Tony,  and Kristen & Keith (who missed our set by about thirty seconds but paid generous attention when I told them all about it.)

John from Acoustic Music Revival, a pleasure, sir, thanks for the time.  Chris, Rebecca, and Jimbob, it was a GREAT evening as always at Lincoln’s Roadhouse.

Now it’s back to the creativity cave to polish up some new originals and more Morrisey covers.  See y’all on the road.


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