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Early Drawers

February 6, 2009
Lincolns has kickass food.  Will that get you in there on a Wednesday?

Lincoln's has kickass food. Will that get you in there on a Wednesday?

Billy and I didn’t get a lot of practice in this week, but still wanted to go play some music up at Lincoln’s Wednesday night.

We show up when we usually do, and lo and behold, our beloved bar is packed with happy hour revellers and a yuppie birthday party (I know, I know, the hypocrisy is disgusting, but technically, we’re not “young.”)

Atomic Drawers’ Official Waitress is nowhere in sight having taken the night off.  (The night of a Drawers performance?  The nerve!)  The bar is packed with strangers.  I’m worn out from work, Billy’s hangin’.  John the Organizer arrives and tells us he’s got a full slate, and that we’re bumped to either 8:30 (entirely too early) or sometime after 11:00 (entirely too late).  As I mentioned in my very first blog entry last year, our sweet spot is to start after nine but before ten.  Before nine, we’re too nervous.  After ten, we’re too drunk.

I’m a working man, sorta, and five a.m. comes pretty quickly on Thursdays, so we decide to take the 8:30 slot.  Billy and I are sitting at the bar, disappointed that we’re playing so early, taking in the super odd vibe, knowing that none of our friends have shown up and none are expected to.  For a fleeting moment, we’re on the edge of deciding to skip this one and pack it in, due to the fact that as sensitive performers, our Circadian Rythms are such that any deviation from our normal routine causes problems with our preparation techniques.

But wait, there is another alternative:  we can sit here at this bar for the next hour and pack our usual three- to four-hour preparations into a smaller time block,  go up on stage in front of these strangers, yuppies, and the other musicians for whom we’ve been bumped out of our usual spot, rock it out and jump up and down and cuss and do all of those things that make Atomic Drawers so gosh-darn special, then exit the stage in style.

So that’s what we did, with immeasurable support and assistance from Chris, the best bartender in Denver.

As we were warming up to our guitars in much the same fashion that we warmed up to the bar, a suprise: in walked SuperFan Eric, ready to lend his mad band-supporting skillz:


We got on stage and stumbled around a little bit before starting off with Rank & File(an Uncle Tupelo ripoff about moving to the ‘burbs,) then a rousing version of Girl Downtown by the incomparable Hayes Carll. As we were following that up with The Best T-Shirt Ever, Amy and Greg walked through the door!  Now we’re getting somewhere.


We finished T-Shirt to an enthralled house (I say without sarcasm for once, it was odd to have everybody lookin’ at us.)

Last week I’d mentioned that we were going to play Pussywhipped every week until Dash Rip Rock comes to Denver, but I also said that I was sick of the song and wasn’t sure if we’d play it again.  I’d like to apologize for misleading you, The Fans, because when one sits at the bar for awhile and gets loudly, obnoxiously drunk, there is really no better song in the universe than Pussywhipped; however, it makes absolutely no sense to announce to the Denver crowd that we’re playing it every week until Dash comes to Shreveport.  Minor error on my part; apologies.

For the second week in a row, an older couple exited the premises during, and we like to think because of, our set. There’s a streak I’d like to keep alive.

We had one more song to do, so in honor of our first set ever at Lincoln’s, we busted out a loud and exhuberant Pink Houses by Johnny Cougar.  It started off normal and tight, but about halfway through the song, dear friend Keith Banks walked through the front door.  Somehow, between saying hello to Keith Banks while singing a verse, the whole song turned into us saying “Keith Banks” over and over again.  We found it absolutely hilarious; the crowd was confused and truly not in on the joke. Swing and a miss.

Keith was joined by Justin, Justin’s chick, and Matt Patterson.  Soon after our set, we were graced with the presence of filmmaking royalty Scott Z. and his lady, and Michelle even made an appearance.  Great to see y’all!

All in all, it was another fantastic evening for Atomic Drawers.  And, I was in bed by 11:00.  You can’t soar with the eagles when you hoot with the owls.

Thanks again to John and Lincoln’s for having us, Chris for providing fuel, and everybody who came out.


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  1. chip miller permalink
    February 7, 2009 3:18 am

    Well done my southern homeboy’s, I have yet to attend, however, if your
    wordsmithery ?? is any liken to your musical prowess, then I am damn proud and impressed….be there soon boys!

    love always.

    p.s. on my way to Cheech and Chong, in BOSSIER!!! HA!

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