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The Hiatus that Just Won’t Stop

March 16, 2009
The last time we played, this album was topping the charts.

The last time we played, this album was topping the charts.

Damn, it’s been a long time since we’ve played.

Billy went to Mardi Gras then to Dallas. I’ve been the lucky recipient of bronchitis and a sinus infection which, to date, have lasted four weeks.  There have been opportunities to practice and get our shit back together, but they have been rudely interrupted by social gatherings that have led to missed practices.

While these excuses are no excuse for excusing ourselves from playing loud, unruly rock and roll, it’s apparent that we have allowed some late-winter cobwebs to find purchase.  The longer these cobwebs are attached, I fear, the stronger they get, eventually strangling us like Kudzu. 

I can see myself at 70 (If I’m real lucky) saying, “yeah, we went on hiatus after the first leg of that Spring Tour in Aught-Nine and it turned into a death sentence for the Drawers…”

We would be remiss if we allowed that to happen.  I cannot in good conscience screw over 70 year-old Joe like that. 

On a positive note, we did get together to practice last Saturday evening, but with Billy attending the St. Patrick’s Day festivities downtown all afternoon, and me on anti-biotics, unable to drink, and working on my Vanagon all day, our vibes were not exactly in sync. 

It was a productive practice in one aspect:  I’m happy to report that I have been deemed a total asshole when sober. 

Okay, enough whining.  Atomic Drawers will put the pieces back together tonight, take tomorrow off for Irish Bill McVines to take in some additional St. Patrick’s festivities, and hopefully head up to Lincoln’s on Wednesday evening to blast out some epiphanic cacophony. 

Right now, we’re 63% sure we’re playing.  I’ll have a final number tomorrow morning.


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