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The First Show of the Second Leg of the Atomic Drawers 2009 Spring World Tour.

March 19, 2009
These are Eric's socks, pre-Atomic Drawers set.  I didn't get an "after" photo, but I assure you that they were rocked clean off.

These are Eric's socks, pre-Atomic Drawers set. I didn't get an "after" photo, but I assure you that they were rocked clean off.

Atomic Drawers kicked off the Second Leg of the 2009 Spring World Tour in rousing fashion last evening at Lincoln’s Roadhouse, where the band traditionally kicks off legs of tours and whatnot. 

And while it is difficult to get a true sense of the crowd size while looking out onto an ocean of faces from high atop the stage, I would venture to guess that we had, jeez, at least eighteen, possibly twenty, maybe even twenty-three raucous rowdies enjoying a mild March evening of fine cajun food, ice cold beer, and acoustic rock music.  Thank goodness nobody called the Fire Marshal.  They would have shut the whole thing down for sure. 


Music!  New Song!

We started off with A Good Idea by Sugar (mad props to Mike for actually recognizing it) then went into Rough Night.  Next was Billy’s ode to the Easter holiday, Easter, which is destined to become a classic.  (And no, it’s nothing like Thanksgiving, which is already a classic in its own right.) 

As promised time and time again, we followed it up with Pussywhipped, the song that we will play every single time we get on stage until Dash Rip Rock comes back to Colorado.  We wrapped things up with a frenetic East Bound and Down by the incomparable Jerry Reed.


Under New Management for the Fourth Time in 13 Months!


Jenny has arrived and is taking us all up off into the next level & shit.  Welcome to Denver, new boss!  The fourth manager is a charm, they say.

The Return of Johnny Bass!

Johnny joined us on stage for the first time in many moons and provided the steady stream of backing badassedness.  Having him play the bass line on A Good Idea was exactly what that song needed.  (It must have sucked that last time we played it without bass accompaniment.  And I guess it would be even better still with drums and Bob Mould, but you can’t have everything.)

The Return of my Shitty Guitar!

I just wasn’t digging the new guitar.  Sure, it sounded great, looked nice, and played well, but some things you just can’t explain.  I had much more fun last night playing my beat-to-hell Fender.  Welcome back, you old tinny, buzzing piece o’ shit.  Atomic fan Cari F. mentioned that the guitars I choose might be a reflection of myself.  Heavy.

Prostate Exam Not Necessary!

One of our dedicated fans had an annual physical yesterday, and was deathly afraid of a possible prostate examination.  Luckily, he was spared the exam on this occasion.  We congratulated him on the avoidance from the stage, which brought rousing applause and/or laughter.  He seemed to appreciate the attention, in any case.  And the lack of attention from his doctor.  He’s requested that we write a song for him entitled “Finger in my Bottom.”  While we usually don’t write songs on request, this title has “Top 40 Hit” written all over it.

Lots and Lots of Gracias to everbody who came out last night–Jenny, Michelle, Cari, Eric, Ivy, Eric’s Friend whose name I forgot, Mike, Stephie all the way from Seattle! and friends whose names escape me, Frank, and everybody else I’m forgetting. 

As always, thanks to John for having us, Chris for pouring, and Elizabeth for serving! 

I should just say this in every post:

Lincoln’s is the best drinking and eating establishment in Denver. 

See y’all (hopefully more of y’all) next week. 


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