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I’ve Got Hand

April 24, 2009


The Atomic Drawers Spring World Tour 2009 hit a slight snag about three and a half weeks back.  Long story short, I tripped over a cat and grabbed the stack on a very hot wood-burning stove.  A fabulously gory third-degree burn resulted, so my right hand has been useless since then (insert one or more of your favorite dolphin-flogging jokes here). Some of you, those who received a picture mail photo of my zombified hand, already know this. 

It’s exactly like when James Hetfield got burned with pyrotechnics on stage during that Vancouver show in the ’90’s and had to let his guitar tech take over playing for the rest of that Guns n Roses/Metallica/Faith No More tour, except that I’m not quite as adept on the gueetar as James Hetfield, we don’t have any pyrotechnics (yet), and we’re not on the road with another giant band and watching as Faith No More absolutely kills it every night. Oh, and we don’t have a guitar tech. Or roadies. Or a hospitality table. 

So, we took a little time off. 

I used the time to get in touch with my inner Joe in an effort to channel my emotions into genuine artistic songwriting.

Billy travelled to an artist’s colony on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico for a cleansing exercise.

Alas, my hand is healed enough to play.  Last night, we got together and ran through a few in the creativity cave, and it looks like we’re back in business.

We’re hoping to be back at Lincoln’s on Wednesday.


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