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Martinized Drawers

May 7, 2009
Drawers, Atomic and otherwise, cleansed, folded, and available for use in one hour.

Drawers, Atomic and otherwise, cleansed, folded, and available for use in one hour.

About three and a half weeks ago, I decided to suspend one type of nicotine delivery (cigarettes) and replaced it with another (patches and gum.)  The patches are alright I suppose; the gum appears to be akin to a thin shell of Trident White wrapped around a formaldehyde-soaked cigarette butt.  It’s taking some practice, but I’m getting used to the new delivery methods. 

The problem is, I DIDN’T BRING EITHER TO LINCOLN’S ROADHOUSE LAST NIGHT.  To say I was a bit touchy, a smidge nervous, a dash itchy, a tad violent, and just a wee trifle completely fucking miserable in my own skin as I watched friends and acquaintances enjoy their happy occupancy within Flavor Country, well, that would be an understatement. 

He's chasing me.  Always chasing me. Right there behind me, trying to grab me.

He's chasing me. Always chasing me. Right there behind me, trying to grab me.

You would assume that under such conditions, our set would be rife with profanity and insult; however, it didn’t go down that way.  Through Billy’s indispensable mellow guidance, we took the stage at around 9:30 to a small crowd made up of a few friends and a lot of musicians, and jumped right into our decidedly clean set (we didn’t do it on purpose, it really did just turn out that way).  

We started off with Kevn Kinney’s Let’s Go Dancing, then went straight into Billy’s Patio SongPatio is a song that we haven’t played in a long time, and we figured it would definitely show since we weren’t sure of the arrangement up to the point that we started playing it.  As it turns out, we did it tight and strong.  When it was over, we actually got applause for ( and I’m only speculating here) the quality of the song.  I crap you negative. 

Next we did The Replacements’ Can’t Hardly Wait and followed that up with a new A.D. song called Louisiana Highway One.  Those two went over well and we ended our set with Pecan Pie.  

We think Highway One is a good ‘un.  It will be a great’un after we practice it five million more times.  

John from Acoustic Music Revival told us it was the single best set of music we’ve ever done.  Maybe there’s something to this nicotine denial torture therapy. And while I still have some work to do getting my hand back up to strength after a month of worthlessness, Billy was sharper than a titanium porcupine quill.

Muchos Gracias to Chris and the crew at Lincoln’s for having us, John for his impeccable stage management (and for his amazing set), Michelle and Cherish and assorted other fantastic folks for coming out, and Jenny for her unwavering support and hardass management style. 

We’ll see y’all next time.


PS: We’re going to halt the emails for awhile.  We’ll post the goings on of Atomic Drawers and our schedule on Facebook and on this blog.

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