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July 15, 2009
Billy and I again search aimlessly for fans among the geographic features of Red Rocks.

Billy and I again search aimlessly for fans among the geographic features of Red Rocks.

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, mostly out of sheer and unadulterated laziness. We in Atomic Drawers realize that in today’s fast-moving society, our dedicated fan(s) have little time to read through the excessive verbosity for which I’m occasionally guilty (like right now) so I’ll try my damndest to be brief:

Last Show:

We rock so hard, it's almost blurry.

We rock so hard, it's almost blurry.

Atomic Drawers had a great night a couple of weeks back, rocking through Patio Song, Start Over Tomorrow, Louisiana Highway One, Eat It (our tribute to Weird Al Yankovic’s tribute to some dead guy,) and an encore which escapes me at the moment. In any case, we appreciate everybody who came out to see us that night, including Jenny, Michelle, Keith and his lady, Kelley, Stephen, Carmen, Aaron, and everybody else who I’m forgetting.  Even more thanks to Vanessa, who came out for the first time in a long time, and thanks-by-extension to her truly outstanding mom for watching the girls so we could make it happen.
We weren’t sure how we sounded, but John recorded us and it turned out to be not too bad. I’m thinking I might stream the whole thing on this page  if I can get over this laziness. Major thanks also to Chris, Rebecca, and John for having us.

One more note: Billy Vines, Lead Guitarist Extrordinaire of Atomic Drawers, had one single day to learn every lyric of Eat It, and he pulled off almost flawlessly. I thought that song was going to be a freaking disaster, but instead it brought the house down. Ya just never can tell.

Wilco and Son Volt:

I think we’ve learned a very valuable lesson regarding the merits and demerits of Wilco. Yes, as I said in my previous post, the last two albums have been basically soulless exercises; however, Wilco is a completely different band live and proved it resoundingly by actually crumbling all of the rocks at Red Rocks on July 3rd. Epic show. On the flip side, Son Volt puts out the same nice album over and over again, but they suck live. That’s just all there is to it. Farrar doesn’t really seem to give a shit. And if he doesn’t give a shit, then why should we? 

Oooh I almost forgot the most important thing:  At the Wilco show, a guy standing next to me in the crowd said, “Atomic Drawers, right? And I see your bandmate over there too.  Saw you at Lincoln’s.” 

Yep.  Mark that down as “Celebrity sightings at the big Wilco show.”  I think we need a big security dude to keep these aggressive fans from clawing us to pieces.


Atomic Drawers will be at Lincoln’s with something old, something covered, something else covered, and something very, very special and really super badass. I think. It could be a disaster. Why not come out and see what happens?

We will go on around 9-ish. The Mile High Music Festival is Saturday and Sunday. Why not get a head start on the festivities? You know, in a better world, it would be Atomic Drawers, not Big Head Todd, opening up for Tool and Widespread Panic….

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