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Isn’t Existence Neat

July 28, 2009

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Atomic Drawers.

We played on Wednesday the…15th? at Lincoln’s Roadhouse and had a fantabulous evening.

I showed up later than usual and found Billy very, very well-prepared to play some aggressive music.

With Lincoln’s Roadhouse recently being named “Denver’s Best Dive Bar” by 5280 Magazine, (it’s a dive bar??) the place was full by Wednesday standards with both regulars and, apparently, magazine¬†readers.

Atomic Drawers enlisted the strong assistance of Mark the Mandolin God once again and were simply blown away by the amount of sound that the guy makes with that little thing. We opened with a choppy California Stars by Wilco/Woody Guthrie to get ourselves in rhythm, and it worked out well enough; however, it was the next song that really got us moving.

Earlier the preceding week, we knew Mark was going to play with us. We also knew that personal music gods Widespread Panic were playing next weekend at the Mile High Festival. So, we wanted to do an epic mandolin Panic get-down number, so of course we chose Ain’t Life Grand. With Mark immediately picking it up, the song was a BLAST to play. I broke a string, Billy and Mark traded leads, and the bar had a great time. At the end of the song, one of the other guitarist there popped up in front of the stage and said, “Hold it down, we’re trying to have a PARTY in here!”

Next we did Company in my Back by Wilco, and finished up with our brand-new Rock Opera, Slingblade the Musical. It was very, very sloppy, but it is only in its infancy as a composition and has potential…

Thanks to Mark for sitting in, John for sound and support, and Rebecca and Chris for keeping things moving along swimmingly. Major thanks to Michelle, several other friends and musicians, and a barful of magazine readers for being in attendance.

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