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Atomic Drawers? You Betcha.

September 17, 2009
Above: A physically and emotionally spent crowd exits Lincoln's Roadhouse and after Wednesday's Atomic Drawers performance.

Above: A physically and emotionally spent crowd exits Lincoln's Roadhouse after Wednesday's Atomic Drawers performance.

Atomic Drawers played at Lincoln’s Roadhouse last night, and it was fun.  All of the necessary characteristics were evident:  alcohol, cigarettes, blood, laughter, profanity, dancing, audience participation, alcohol, profanity and A LARGE AND ENTHUSIASTIC GROUP OF BADASS PEOPLE.
Strangely enough, it was the unflappable Billy who walked up to me before we went on and said, “man, I’m kinda nervous.” 
“Nah, nothing to be nervous about,” I replied confidently, “We’re going to kill it.”
And kill it, Billy did.
For my part, we got on stage and I was suddenly as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs to be playing in front of several regulars and musicians, but also a bunch of hardscrabble Minnesota folk (in town for Superfans Jared and Pilar’s wedding.)   I easily missed at least one chord change and screwed up at least one line of lyrics on every damned song we played. 
Several of Jared's and Pilar's wedding guests arrive in town from Minnesota, ready for an evening of music, revelry, and pillage.

Several of Jared's and Pilar's wedding guests arrive in town from Minnesota, ready for an evening of music, revelry, and pillage.


Thank goodness we’re loud and obnoxious and the crowd is loud and obnoxious with us, because nobody seemed to notice, and if they did, they were considerate enough not to tell us about it afterwards.  It might have had something to do with me yelling, “Go Vikes!” at some point during our set.  It’s always important to remember that when pandering to a crowd, one must always find the most basic way to one’s audience’s heart.
We started things off with a very up-tempo Dead Man, which we haven’t played in about a year.  I think we’re going to start playing it more, because it’s fun as hell and people appeared to dig it.  Next was Billy’s fast, loud, frenetic new one, Soul Distillery (Is that the right title?)  We followed that up with The Lemonheads’ It’s a Shame About Ray, a tribute to an old Lincoln’s Roadhouse regular who passed away last week.  Rest in Peace, Ray.
I felt like we really got our legs under us for an extra bluegrassy Louisiana Highway One, and took the momentum through T-Shirt.
For our last song, we wanted to do something special for Jared and Pilar, whose wedding is actually tomorrow.  We poured over our song list and nothing seemed to fit.  We discussed learning On the Wings of Love or We’ve Only Just Begun as a way to give these two special people a truly heartfelt sendoff into the adventure of marriage; however,  no matter what we thought of, nothing seemed to convey the unspoken respect that Atomic Drawers has for the immeasurable bond of love and devotion that these two crazy kids share. 
So, we played Pussywhipped.
And the crowd went wild.  And Jared and Pilar were excellent sports about it.  I have to give major thanks to THE ENTIRE BAR AT LINCOLN’S for singing “WHIPPED, WHIPPED, PUSSYWHIPPED” over and over towards the end of the song with us.
Pussywhipped.  I never knew that one song could work on so many levels and in so many different circumstances.  Thank you, Dash Rip Rock, Kings of All Things Sacred in Barroom Rock n Roll, for writing it.
For the first time in a long time, I can’t list everybody individually who deserves thanks, because there were too many folks there!  I will try, though, off the top of my head:
Marcus and his lady, Keith and his lady, Kevin, Kelly, Michelle, Rebecca, Jared, Pilar, Marisa, Marisa’s Roommate,  Tall Paul, Casey (GREAT set!), Casey’s lady, Minnesota guy with beard, two other Minnesota guys, and again EVERYBODY at Lincoln’s who made that set so much fun to play.
Major Thanks to Chris for Tendin’ and the two blonde waitresses for waitin’.  You three together look like some kind of Scandinavian Tony Orlando & Dawn.
As always, John from Acoustic Music Revival, mentor, friend, best soundman in Denver, THANK YOU!
See y’all soon.
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