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Soggy Drawers

October 21, 2009
Is there anything more lovely than Downtown Denver in Autumn?  A full pallete of blazing color dazzles the eye.

Is there anything more lovely than Downtown Denver in Autumn? A full pallete of blazing color dazzles the eye.

Nobody ever wants to go out to Lincoln’s Roadhouse for an Atomic Drawers Spectacle when the weather is sunny and lovely.

As a resident, I get that.  This is Denver, where any sunny day wasted makes people point at themselves in their mirrors and cry before hiding in bathrooms and gagging up vomet for missing an outdoor workout or a dog walk or a trail hike or an extreme mountain biking experience or a chance to save an injured sapling. 

The truly bizarre part?  This place gets 300 days of sunshine per year.   You really can afford to miss one or two. 

But see, now, today, the weather absolutely sucks.  It’s wetter than a bull pissing on a flat rock outside, 35 degrees, wind, rain, snow; basically, we’ve entered the magical land of Shreveport in February (okay, Shreveport in February every three years or so.)  

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right:  Atomic Drawers fan(s) are known for their extravagant and meticulously-created hairstyles.  I’ve often pondered the sheer volume of man-hours spent on the pursuit of good rock fan hair.  I myself dedicate 2.5 hours per day to this crucial art and believe you me, on this particular day I’ve been wrestling with the threat of rainy-day humidified hair; however, it’s not going to keep me home tonight and it should not keep you home tonight either. 

Grab one of those plastic bonnet thingies that old ladies used to wear and wrap it around your ‘do, put on your waterproof pancho, and come out to Lincoln’s tonight.  Eat a Meatloaf Cheeseburger (yeah, that’s right, Lincoln’s has incredible Meatloaf Cheeseburgers,) have several drinks, and enjoy some live music with Atomic Drawers and other of their ilk. 

Maybe I need to stop pushing the food.  It never works.  Perhaps we need a song about the food.  Or a jingle about Lincoln’s on the website.  I am now in digression and have taken my italicized inner monologue as far as it needs to go.

If 4000 people or more show up, we’re playing our Atomic Tribute to the Music of Marvin Hamlisch.  Any less, then we do a regular set filled with the lively and profane vitriol that you, our dear fan(s), have come to expect. 

We’ll be going on at around 9:00 PM and we will be taking attendance.


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