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Atomic Drawers–Destroyer of Short-Term Memory?

October 27, 2009
This Is How We Do It

Some say that a gigantic, pyrotechnic, multi-instrumental stage show takes away from the pure musical experience. Obviously, Atomic Drawers disagrees.

I somehow completely spaced writing an update in the wake of our massive musical extravaganza last Wednesday at Lincoln’s, and I apologize wholeheartedly for the omission.

Thank goodness our broad and devout legion of fan(s) called me on it, otherwise I might never have remembered. The demands of this band have never been greater, and we at Atomic Drawers truly appreciate the help.

It was cold, it was snowing like all hell, and the roads were treacherous; however, the fire was warm in Lincoln’s and the good people were out in full force (all seventeen to twenty-three of them.)

Billy and I went on stage a little earlier than usual and decided just beforehand that, for no reason other than it was cold outside and there was a, uh, sparse crowd, we would play as loud and fast as humanly possible. We then ran through an interesting if slightly disjointed set of songs. We started out with He’s a Dick by GoldenSmog, a fun little tune we haven’t played in a couple of years. Then it was on to Suedehead by Morrisey. Nothing warms up a gruff crowd at the roadhouse like a song that a dude probably (okay, definitely) wrote about another dude. We can’t help it if it’s fun as hell to play; furthermore, we play it better, faster, and louder than the original. Next was…hmmm…It has been a few days…

Oh, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. Loud, fast, and fun.  We followed up with…can’t remember…

Oh, Start Over Tomorrow, and Atomic Drawers original about a hangover. We ended our short set with Pecan Pie, again from GoldenSmog. (Something about cold and snow brings out the gratuitous and possibly unneccessary Jeff Tweedy worship in Atomic Drawers.)

The crowd was small, the beer was cold, the fire was warm, the Drawers were Atomic, and we passed a good time. And I was in bed by 10:30.

Thanks to Keith, Michelle, John, Becca, Chris, and all of the other fine folks who made the trek to Lincoln’s on a cold and dreary night.

Atomic Drawers will be back sometime next month, probably for our traditional Thanksgiving Holiday Show. In the meantime, there’s an ever-growing stack of world-killing originals to perfect.

See y’all soon.

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