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Chestnuts Roasting in Atomic Drawers….

December 22, 2009

Pull Clarence out of the river and come to raucous Downtown Pottersville for the big Atomic Drawers Rock Exhibition on Christmas Eve Eve.

You work, you work some more, you never save money, yet you build wonderful little houses for all of the good residents of Bedford Falls.  Your building & loan is constantly in the red and always in danger of takeover by that total asshole Mr. Potter.

Then you have an especially bad day, get drunk in a bar, wreck your dope hoopty vintage model T, and make an off-the-cuff remark about wishing you’d never been born.  The next thing you know, you’re wet, deranged, and stuck hanging out with a gleeful but confused old guy who thinks he’s an angel.  You head into town to grab another drink and get your head straight, but find that Atomic Drawers is playing at Lincoln’s Roadhouse. It’s a Wonderful Life, indeed.

"Say! Can any of you folks tell me where Lincoln's Roadhouse is? I've been roofied and nothing makes a darn lick of sense!

On that subject, Atomic Drawers has been feverishly working on our best A Very Special Atomic Drawers Christmas Gala ever.  The setlist has been lovingly chosen, the songs have been practiced and polished and practiced again (once, to be exact,) and we’re downright positive that this Atomic Drawers and Friends Present a Country Family Holiday Salute to Holiday Country Music of the Holiday Christmas Hannukah Kwaanza Holidays will wow audiences all the way from Buchtel Street to S. Pearl Street, and all points in between.

We’re even exhuming Bing Crosby to sing back-up on Good King Wenceslas.

So, come to Lincoln’s on Wednesday night (Christmas Eve Eve) and witness a musical performance that could very well have the power to either move you greatly or offend you completely, depending upon your particular state of mind.  We should be starting up around 9:00.

Maybe you should think of this performance as though it’s one of your kids’ (if applicable) School Holiday Pageant Singing things, i.e., we will NEVER, EVER forgive you if you bail on us. 

And, if we don’t see you Wednesday, you’ll wake up to nothing coal and switches under your tree on Friday.

Merr Chrihmah.

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