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This is Atomix/Ignition

December 24, 2009

While Denver's Christmas Eve Eve snow storm last night was much larger and more irritating than originally anticipated, Atomic Drawers and friends were not about to deny our legions of loyal followers the Christmas show they deserved.

The evening was bitter cold; the landscape was covered in ice and snow.  Vanessa with her apsirations of dentistry and I with my shiny red nose had the Cristal poppin’ on our stretch iceberg as we floated out of our neighborhood and into the wintry night, eventually landing at Lincoln’s Roadhouse, singing a happy misfit song all the while.   

With all of the regulars frightened off by holiday obligations and blizzard-like conditions, Lincoln's was realm to stop-motion characters of all shapes, sizes, and maladies last night.

We entered Lincoln’s through the howling wind and found a warm fire and a happy crew of Christmas Eve Eve revellers.  Our set started about an hour later than usual, so everybody had a chance to really, really warm themselves sufficiently before we started.  With the weather as bad as it was (and having to work at 6AM,) I decided to lay off the sauce for the most part; thankfully, Billy had my slack.  I was sweating profusely when we took the stage.  Sobriety and music make strange and ofttimes unsuccessful bedfellows… 

With Mad Mike sitting in on drums, we started out with our Holiday Classic, Christmas.  I thought we did a good job on it; Vanessa later remarked that some members of the audience were actually a tad offended by a song about incest; I must object.  We’re tackling major social issues here.  Open your minds, people.   

Billy belts out "Christmas" while I admire his Hell's Belles t-shirt and Mike keeps the beat.

Next was a sloppy but energetic rendition of Louisiana Highway One.  I think maybe Billy and I were just going through the motions on this one because we were both very excited to debut our next song. 

All entertainers know that in this era of total media saturation, it’s important that the musical artist present the entire package to the audience in a visual, attitudinal (just made that word up), and of course sonic combination.  To that end, Atomic Drawers has decided that we must play the part of financially irresponsible, decadent, debaucherous celebrities if we’re ever going to actually attain such an image.  So with that in mind, we made a conscious decision to add Remix/Ignition by R.Kelly into our repetoire. 

Nervous at first after only practicing it twice, we shrugged our shoulders and jumped right into the song with Mike providing the “dope beat” as the kids of ten to fifteen years ago say.  The good peeps in the audience who recognized the song seemed to get it initially, then the rest of the bar picked up on it and dug it.  We didn’t have gyrating, scantily-clad hangers-on kickin’ it in front of the stage like in the music video, but it was fun anyway.  We’ll work on it. 

The best part?  We finished the song and I turned back and looked at Mike, who said,

“I don’t know where you two come up with this shit.”

Next was Robert Earl Keen’s Merry Christmas from the Family, followed by an experimental new number called Rock and Roll Ending during which I think I broke my acoustic pickup. 

We finished things up with T-Shirt (including hy-freaking-sterical new lyrics by Billy)  and the best Pussywhipped ever thanks to Mike’s chops. 

'Nessa, Jenny, Michelle, and Kelly smile for a photo as Jenny prepares to flip 'Nessa over her shoulder.

 Thank You Thank You Thank You to Vanessa, Jenny, Keith, Stephen, Michelle, Kelly, and everybody else who came out on an absolutely treacherous night to spend their valuable time with us; we appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Mad Mike the Drummer–just off an operation, he nutted up and provided a much-needed beat.  Thank you Mike!

Also thanks to Chris for pouring and John from Acoustic Music Revival for hosting, and Lincoln’s Roadhouse for keeping the cajun food hot, the beers cold, and the fire warm. 

Merry Christmas, everybody.  See y’all next year.

We just thuggin' it out....

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