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I’m Gonna Holler, I’m Gonna Scream,

February 4, 2010

I’m gonna get me some mescaline!

I'm your Spirit Guide, Homer.

More on that in a moment.

I’m a little late with this update. We played a couple of weeks ago, then my modem died and I had no internet access at home for a week and a half. I’m happy to report that I was able to survive and even feed and bathe myself occasionally during the Long Modemless Exile, and I’m all better now. My beloved internets are back in the homestead.

I’m a little cloudy on the details from the January 20th shindig. We played Patio Song, Dead Man, Chilly Water, and….I’ll think of it in a minute. The bar was truly packed and we had a nice turnout of Drawerids there to watch. Thanks to Max, Dave, John, Stephen, Michelle, and everybody else who came out. (Update: per a text from Billy, we also played Start Over Tomorrow.)

I got me a new black guitar.

It was kind of an odd night. There were people everywhere and John had musicians lined up like 747’s coming into LaGuardia; we had very little time to stand up there and verbally abuse the crowd. Still, stage time is stage time.

Thanks as always to John, Rebecca, and Chris, the best in the business.

On to more timely things:

We’d planned on playing again last night, but Hayes Carll was in town, and, well, you gotta go see Hayes Carll. He was at the Walnut Room, a damn fine venue here in Denver. Initially, we were bummed that he didn’t have his band with him, but he was great anyway. The dude can write some lyrics and tells a good story…

…which in all honesty is wonderful stuff unless you’re in the mood to get loud. Had we known that his band wasn’t with him, we probably would have ended up playing at Lincoln’s (even though we did have a damned good time with a lot of nice folks.)

One folk in particular actually recognized Billy and I from playing at Lincoln’s.

“Yeah, I’ve seen you guys play, right on!” was the extent of the conversation initially.

Fast forward to the end of the show. I ran into the same fine gentleman again and, while waiting on a drink and attempting to make conversation, said, “so, do you go up to Lincoln’s a lot?”


“Do you go up to Lincoln’s very often?” I repeated.


“You said earlier you’d seen Atomic Drawers at Lincoln’s.”

“I’m in an awake kinda dream world kinda. I had a little mescaline earlier.”

“Ahhh. Right on,” I nodded. “Have a good ‘un.”

So, there you have it. Fan recognizes us, fan forgets us, fan turns out to be on mescaline.

Such is the sometimes jovial, sometimes volatile, always unpredictable nature of the relationship between Atomic Drawers and our devoted legions.

We are practicing a ton. It’s like there’s a little Eastern Bloc gymnastics instructor hovering over the Creativity Cellar pushing us to work harder and harder, whether we cry like little children about it or not. In any case, we’re rounding into shape and will be playing again very soon.

Check ya later, check ya later.


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