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“I can’t slow down.”–Lionel Richie

February 23, 2010

Yeah, it's stupid, and I stole it from a cubicle near mine. I'm suffering from a lack of visual creativity today. Whatcha gonna do about it?

Atomic Drawers is playing at Lincoln’s tomorrow night! Must work harder on mid-tempo, three-chord acoustic songs! No time for sarcastic and crass commentary!

Except I should mention that we’re also playing at The Wakarusa Music Festival the first weekend in June! (Okay, we’re not playing the festival, as it were, but we will be playing at our campsite, much like our oft-heralded 2009 appearance at The 10,000 Lakes Festival in Minnesota.)

Oh wait, an update:

Atomic Drawers also performed at the Krewe of Geneva Mardi Gras Ball a couple of weekends back. Our setlist might have included Mardi Gras, East Bound and Down, Remix Ignition, and several other seriously stagger-heavy and off-time numbers. I think Billy and this guy named Spencer played a song together as well. But Spencer had taken in quite a bit of the libations, so it sounded kinda rough. It probably sounded like Atomic Drawers sounds when you, the fan, is hearing us and we’re onstage and we can’t hear a darned thing.

Wednesday Night, Lincoln’s Roadhouse, around 9 PM.

This is a big one for us: I have Thursday off from my day job.

Must hurry back to practice. Currently suck, must suck less. And, quite honestly, the world we’ve come to enjoy might just end horribly if I don’t figure out how to stop consistently fucking up B chords. You’d think, after this long, that I would be able to do it right. It’s not hard. I think I was born with short tendons in my left hand, forearm, shoulder, neck, back, side, hip, leg, foot, and big toe.

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  1. Pretzel Shire permalink
    May 22, 2010 10:17 am

    Amplified at Wakarusa, should be a stone cold groove

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