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Drawers Early History

Atomic Drawers is the natural evolution of the early ’90’s college alternative Baton Rouge Supergroup Chester Drawers.  Chester Drawers featured Billy, Joe, Chad, and Todd’s bass (but not Todd, oddly enough.) 

The band disbanded in 1994 and re-formed in 2002 with just Joe and Billy remaining (the whereabouts of Chad are still unknown, although their have been unconfirmed reports of a gentleman matching his description picking up aluminum cans along Highway 98 in Pensacola).  With several years of gigs relegated mainly to basements, backyards, and cramped apartments, the new Chester Drawers went worldwide live in January 2008 two hours after LSU kicked Ohio State’s ass in the BCS Championship game.  The band played a raucous set for seven to nine people in a Denver basement and were urged to take the band to the next level. 

Fearing copyright retribution from famed Branson children’s entertainer Chester Drawers, the band changed their name to the much more energetic and descriptive Atomic Drawers and set out to conquer the world. 

While the world conquering technically has not yet occured, the band continues to play a bunch of three-chord rednecky rock and a myriad of covers both ironically lame and marginally groovy.

We love Skynrd and Morrissey.

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