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Atomic Drawers Goals


1.       Open for somebody famous.

2.       Sell a song.  Any song.  To anybody.

3.       Make t-shirts and oven mitts to sell to fan(s).

4.       Find a permanent rhythm section and a semi-permanent horn section.  Procure kettle drum.

5.       Get paid US Dollars for gig.

6.       Play on a stage somewhere for longer than 45 minutes.

7.       Become the 2 Live Crew of acoustic folk rockabilly cover bands.

8.       Procure groupie and/or fan club president.

9.       Establish fan club.

10.   Create Rock Opera about Charles Nelson Riley, tour it, sign off on a filmed version, and sell the rights to Broadway when we’re sixty.

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  1. Chris permalink
    April 3, 2009 7:17 pm

    Charles Nelson Reilly is Jane’s cousin. Seriously. He died last year, I think.

    He had a one-man show. Perhaps you could score that. I’ll get you copy. VHS or BetaMax?


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